Women’s Ski Gear Preview – 2024

Happy gear launch season. This is the time of year where brands introduce their lineup for the ’23-’24 season, and the ski media talks about what new men’s products will be on the market next year. I am not a man. Neither are the women who tend to be on the other side of my … Continue reading Women’s Ski Gear Preview – 2024

Resort Reviews: Silver Mountain Resort

I just returned from an Indy Pass trip through Idaho and wanted to share a quick review of the resorts on our loop: Silver Mountain, Brundage, Little Ski Hill, and Tamarack, starting with Silver. Before diving in, big shoutout to my friend and Kellogg local Trisha for her recs around the resort and greater area. … Continue reading Resort Reviews: Silver Mountain Resort

Halfdays and a Half-Effort at Elevating Women in Snowsports

Ever since I wrote my piece on how Montec is fast fashion, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about another “Instagram brand.” What’s the deal with Halfdays? I wish I could say for sure. Halfdays really attempts to combine values that don’t normally sit together. Fashion and inclusivity. Fashion and sustainability. Snowsports and approachability. Snowsports … Continue reading Halfdays and a Half-Effort at Elevating Women in Snowsports

Gift Guide 2022 – Budget Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Happy gifting season, y’all! I’m starting this year’s gift guides off with small gifts and stocking stuffers to ease into the holiday spirit. This Christmas is weird. People are showing a lot less interest – searches for decorations are down, likewise for gift ideas, and retailers predict tepid customer spending through the holiday season. It … Continue reading Gift Guide 2022 – Budget Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

What’s happening to Arc’teryx?

What happened to Arc’teryx? I’ve gotten a handful of questions about Arc’teryx over the past month. “The product line looks way different. Is it supply chain issues? Change in leadership?” or “They’ve added size XXL, but everything seems to fit smaller? Are they faking size inclusivity?” You’re not crazy. There’s a big strategy shift going … Continue reading What’s happening to Arc’teryx?

Black Diamond’s Bungled Beacon Safety Messages

Black Diamond really shit the bed with their most recent beacon safety statement. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re a year behind,” but no, these are *new* safety issues with Pieps and Black Diamond beacons. I have a lot of thoughts about their communication and their decisions varied from somewhat to wildly unethical. But I … Continue reading Black Diamond’s Bungled Beacon Safety Messages