Addressing Fatphobic Comments

A little over a year ago, I wrote this piece in response to Patagonia’s blog on why they don’t carry plus sizes. They took their piece down a few months after mine was published, but it’s still available thanks to web archiving, here. In short, a lot of their logic didn’t check out with how … Continue reading Addressing Fatphobic Comments

Put Your Gift Cards To Use

Get a gift card over the holidays? Not surprising. Gift cards are roughly a $160 billion dollar business in the US, (which, for context is about 20% of holiday sales). With the pandemic limiting travel and constraining the postal service, that percentage is likely even higher for 2020. Retailers love gift cards. About 20% of … Continue reading Put Your Gift Cards To Use

10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers

Learning to ski tour in the Pacific Northwest is hard. We’ve got the steepest mountains in the continental US. Our snowpack is warm, wet and difficult to steer in. Plus, Oregon and Washington have the most tree coverage per acre, so it’s more thickets than nicely spaced glades. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean … Continue reading 10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers

The Worst Deals in the Outdoors

I really don’t like rain gear reviews. The materials are highly technical and it’s hard to make accurate comparisons without the standardized conditions and precise measuring tools in a lab. It’s really hard to make definitive comments on value without knowing how waterproof, breathable, and durable a membrane is. However, Gore Tex tends to be … Continue reading The Worst Deals in the Outdoors