Shit on Sale – November 2019

It’s Black Friday week, which in the outdoor space means, “here’s a few mediocre deals to go with the killer clearance we’ve already been running all fall.” There’s not the same doorbuster approach that goes on in the consumer electronics business, so no need to camp out for days in front of REI. Some outdoor … Continue reading Shit on Sale – November 2019

Superficial Ski Reviews – 2020

I don’t have quite the time or money (or snow yet - wahhhh) to really put all the skis on my radar through the paces, but in the meantime, I’m serving up reviews of the 2020 women’s topsheets and graphics. But first, while I hope this goes without saying , here's a quick reminder that … Continue reading Superficial Ski Reviews – 2020

Rossignol We Rise: Co-opting a movement

Rossignol announced the launch of their women’s initiative called “We Rise” today, following behind Blizzard’s Women 2 Women program and the K2 Ski Alliance. I have a lot of issues with these sorts of marketing initiatives. Solid women’s offerings no longer deserve special accolades. Skis like the Blizzard Dakota and the Volkl Aura and Kiku … Continue reading Rossignol We Rise: Co-opting a movement

TNF Futurelight & Strange Fake Pants

Since publishing, TNF has updated their product information for weights on these items. This past January, The North Face announced Futurelight, a new, proprietary waterproof membrane that was pitched as a revolution in “climate control.” They borrowed a page out of the playbook from the Salomon Shift and K2 Mindbender launches and fired up the … Continue reading TNF Futurelight & Strange Fake Pants

Brand Cage Match Showdown: Recycled Fabrics

Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble! It’s time for a brand-level sustainability showdown! Recycled synthetic fabrics are exploding in the market and all the major outdoor brands are pouncing to push their eco lines, but which brands offer the most comprehensive selection of recycled goods? Before diving into the countdown, let’s do a quick rundown of … Continue reading Brand Cage Match Showdown: Recycled Fabrics

Anti-Odor Treatments Stink

I think your anti-odor treated clothing kind of stinks. Anti-odor treatments rely on antimicrobials to kill bacteria, and there’s a major problem with pathogenic bacteria becoming resistant to many of our go-to antibiotics. The pipeline for new drugs is pretty dry, and the World Health Organization considers antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to be one of the … Continue reading Anti-Odor Treatments Stink