Gear Review: Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Base Layer Set

I adore Kari Traa’s base layers. While the hardgoods industry has been churning out gear for women that oscillates between patronizingly juvenile to boring as fuck, it’s exciting to see a brand turning heads in the softgoods space with women’s gear for grown-ass adults! Their prices are a little higher than what I budget for … Continue reading Gear Review: Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Base Layer Set

Shit on Sale – January 2020

Shit on Sale is back for January. I saw a ton of prices rise throughout December on things that had been deeply discounted in the fall, so I skipped December as to not waste your time with lackluster deals. Winter is here in full force, which means it’s time to think about summer gear if … Continue reading Shit on Sale – January 2020