Women’s Ski Gear Preview – 2022

I’ve spent this past winter writing about how retail stores and ski media do a pretty shit job helping women feel confident about their ski purchases. So instead, I’ve noticed a lot of women reach out in their social circles, both online and IRL, and trust the recommendations from women they know who ski like … Continue reading Women’s Ski Gear Preview – 2022

Women’s Ski Reviews are a Joke.

This one could get me in hot water, but I think it needs to be said. Women’s ski review coverage is a joke. Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about how ski manufacturers are largely meeting women’s needs when it comes to their product lines, but how the sales aren’t what they could be … Continue reading Women’s Ski Reviews are a Joke.

10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers

Learning to ski tour in the Pacific Northwest is hard. We’ve got the steepest mountains in the continental US. Our snowpack is warm, wet and difficult to steer in. Plus, Oregon and Washington have the most tree coverage per acre, so it’s more thickets than nicely spaced glades. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean … Continue reading 10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers