Will Victoria’s Secret Rebrand Work? Pt. 1

Everyone’s writing about Victoria’s Secret. They’re breaking from L Brands (aka Limited Brands) and attempting a major image overhaul that centers the female consumer over the male fantasy. Every business journal is covering their termination of the Angels model mascots in favor of an advisory / spokesperson panel of diverse women role models. They’re writing … Continue reading Will Victoria’s Secret Rebrand Work? Pt. 1

Patagonia’s Sun Protective UPF Recall

On July 1st, Patagonia issued a recall for all of their UPF sun protective clothing. They have all the details on their website, but there are a few truths that are stated in ways that protect the brand’s image over the customer, and I think they’re important to discuss, because some of it’s a little … Continue reading Patagonia’s Sun Protective UPF Recall

Bonus Chaos on the Women’s Boot Wall

I’ve been on a boot bender recently. I hate it. It’s the opposite of looking at the ski market. Product lines are logical. Customer feedback and customer sales data reinforce each other. It’s obvious where brands are positioning themselves in direct competition. Things just make sense. Women’s boots (exclusively women’s) on the other hand, are … Continue reading Bonus Chaos on the Women’s Boot Wall