Hi there!


FemiGnarly is a passion project about a woman (me) and the things she finds gnarly about the outdoors. That includes:

  • Female participation & inclusion
  • Gnarly pro female athletes
  • Gnarly outdoor gear
  • Sustainably produced gear
  • Frugality
  • Consumer advocacy
  • Conscious consumption driven by thorough research and proper gear care & upkeep
  • Corporate transparency and responsibility
  • Seismic shifts in the outdoor narrative to meet the demands of younger generations who expect radical inclusivity.

This blog is independent and untethered by brand partnerships. I have a great gig in apparel & accessories product management, so I’m in a privileged position not to be here as a side hustle for free shit. I’m just here to make women’s money go further, build consumers’ confidence buying gear, and find a little bit of entertainment on my bus commutes home.

Got any questions or suggestions? Drop me a line at analisa.price@gmail.com

1431_LRPhoto by Mitch Pittman