The Worst Deals in the Outdoors

I really don’t like rain gear reviews. The materials are highly technical and it’s hard to make accurate comparisons without the standardized conditions and precise measuring tools in a lab. It’s really hard to make definitive comments on value without knowing how waterproof, breathable, and durable a membrane is. However, Gore Tex tends to be … Continue reading The Worst Deals in the Outdoors

Marmot Summer Send-off Sale

The folks at Marmot are doing an end of season clearance, and the prices are sharp enough that I don’t think many of these will be around for September’s Shit on Sale, so I decided to compile a list of the best buys. Marmot Women’s Ether DriClime Hoody - $50 (MSRP $125; 60% off): I’ve … Continue reading Marmot Summer Send-off Sale

Sun Hoody 101

As recreation restrictions have eased around the country, we’ve slowly been getting back to outdoor adventures for the first time in months. A lot has changed. Days are longer, skies are clearer, and intensity of solar radiation has almost doubled over the past 2.5 months. Hopefully we are all keeping sun protection in mind, as … Continue reading Sun Hoody 101

We’re Still Not Done Advocating For Inclusive Sizing

Last week, plus size social media influencer Marielle Williams penned a piece for The Cut, “Apparently, I’m Too Fat to Ski.” My response was, “homegirl, preach” since my work experience in women’s apparel has made it painfully obvious when brands are biased against plus size potential customers. (If you haven’t read the low down of … Continue reading We’re Still Not Done Advocating For Inclusive Sizing

Gear Review: Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Base Layer Set

I adore Kari Traa’s base layers. While the hardgoods industry has been churning out gear for women that oscillates between patronizingly juvenile to boring as fuck, it’s exciting to see a brand turning heads in the softgoods space with women’s gear for grown-ass adults! Their prices are a little higher than what I budget for … Continue reading Gear Review: Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Base Layer Set