Newbie Friendly Ski Tours – Get Bent Ben

Found another newbie friendly ski touring spot, and it’s perfect timing, because we’ve got to talk about more problematic Ski Bro behaviors courtesy of a guy on the internet named Ben. Ben follows my friend, Kaelee, who posted a video comparing her skiing when she feels really confident vs. when she doesn’t, with a dash … Continue reading Newbie Friendly Ski Tours – Get Bent Ben

Gear Review: Dakine Callahan Fleece

There are very few gear items I’ve stumbled across I recommend wholeheartedly to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, most products are good. But they’re good for certain types of outdoor athletes. The Dakine Callahan fleece (or for men, the Snorkel) is one of a few items I’ve found that most people can make use of … Continue reading Gear Review: Dakine Callahan Fleece

10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers

Learning to ski tour in the Pacific Northwest is hard. We’ve got the steepest mountains in the continental US. Our snowpack is warm, wet and difficult to steer in. Plus, Oregon and Washington have the most tree coverage per acre, so it’s more thickets than nicely spaced glades. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean … Continue reading 10 Tips for Touring – Intermediate Skiers